Thanks to Srikanth B G and Nandini B S for donating a new amplifier and a mike set to Anjaneya temple

*) The whole shankaralinga bhagavan bhajana cd has been released by "CHITRADURGA BHAJANA MANDALI" during the aradhana time. 



2)Geetha Sheshagiri Rao


It costs just Rs.60.

Its cover page is displayed below.

Please purchase it before the stock empties.For further details contact


Ph no.+918792215355

 *)"Makkala Shankaralinga" named book has been released by A.R.Satyanarayan Rao, contains the whole story of "APPA".


*) "SRHI GURU KATHAMRUTHA" By A.R.Sethu ram rao is a great book which is the biography of APPA.Its english version has also been released.

*)My guru "BRAMHANADA SWAMI" stays in Bharamasagar,chitradurga Dist. Please meet him to get to know about good books.He has a large collection of them.


*)Please visit the below link to get a large collection of books on SRI BRAMHACHAITANYA MAHARAJ(GONDAVALEKARA MAHARAJ).


*) Bharamsagar is a beautiful place to visit. Appa did tapas there for many years in Anjaneya temple. He even entered thuryavaste there.


a)Hanuman temple and gangadhareshwara temple

b)Hanuman temple in rangenahalli some 3km from b'sagar

c)There is a big lake where you can swin and enjoy.

d)My guru "Bramhananda swami" stays there in kannikaparameshwari temple.

Photos of this beautiful place is shown below.please visit this place once.